Sonny Seattle is the stage name Daryl John Christian has chosen for himself in order to host The Sonny Seattle Show, which is the first show Daryl, from herein referred to as Sonny, created and produced. There are plans to continue The Sonny Seattle Show, with a big premiere of a new re-tooled show this coming football season. Sonny is a HUGE Rammstein fan and the above photo is of Sonny and his lovely lady, Galina, taken at a Rammstein concert in Madison Square Gardens in New York City on December 11th, 2010; Rammstein's first American concert in over 10 years and they blew up the house. It was the best concert of Sonny's life bar none!!! has a new mission and is undergoing renovations. While still committed to revamping and coming out with a new, improved version of the Sonny Seattle Show, Sonny is interested in pursuing other film endeavors and presenting such on this page. Like Sonny said when he first started the Sonny Seattle Show, "for now the show is about sport's betting and trying to give the public quality free picks to bet on, but in the future it could be about anything," maybe even something that could bring about a profound change. To that end Sonny has added a new page with his latest endeavor, The Orca Report. He will continue doing episodes of  the Sonny Seattle Show and looks forward to presenting more of those.  
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