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Links & More

Here on our Links and More page is where we give you access to the sites used by our handicappers as they research and prepare for their games. We also have links to streaming media sites related to sports. If anybody out there has any good links they would like to see featured here, please contact us.

We are also looking to feature as many articles, videos, and audio threads as you can send us. So if any of you have a showbiz itch you want to scratch, if you fancy yourself a writer, or if you think you are a good public speaker, then send us anything you create –of course it has to be gambling related- and we will be more than happy to post it here on the site for everyone to enjoy. Please contact Sonny at info@sonnyseattle.com for more information. 

For buying picks:

Pregame.com – The original home of the Sonny Seattle Show and the only reputable place online to buy picks. These are the only pick-sellers endorsed by the Sonny Seattle Show. For more information please visit their website at pregame.com.

For up to date sport’s information:

ESPN.com – We all know why.

NFL.com -Some guys swear by this site when it comes to injury reports.

USA Today Sports - This is a useful site.

CBS Sports - One of the industry leaders.

Sporting New  - For the hardcore sport’s junkie.


Live Streaming media:

Iheart Fox Sports Radio - Sport's Talk Radio

WFAN 66 AM Sports Radio - Sport's Talk Radio

Shoutcast - A large selection of sport's talk radio shows.

Feed2all - What was formerly called First Row sports now goes by Feed2All and they  offers every televised sporting event you can think of, including links for hard to find regional games. In Episode ??, Sonny breaks down how to use First Row sports. (*This is provided for informational purposes only, neither Sonny nor anyone affiliated with the show has an interest in First Row Sports and you should use this site only as a last resort.)


For the serious gambler:

Football Reference - More stats than Spock could handle.

Phil Steele - He is The Man!

WagerMinds - They have a cool site with a nifty program for tracking your bets.

Betting Talks - Formerly Beyond The Bets. Lots of cool sport's betting information.

Against the Number - This one is here just for ScottyDog, this is an app developed by longtime Pregame contributor Chris Andrews.

Special Places:

DimaBabich.com – We would appreciate everyone dropping by and paying their respects. Regular viewers know Sonny is in a long term relationship with Dima’s mother and we thank you in advance.

The Moscow News  - Just to see it from their point of view.

Der Spiegel  - One of the more trustworthy sources of news.

BBC News  - News you can count on.

The Christian Science Monitor - A bit of a different take but a completely legit and surprisingly good news organization.

FrontLine - Really good, thought provoking documentaries.

Audacity - A really simple but effective free audio editor. This is what we record our audio on. For those of you thinking of doing an audio clip or thread, this is the place to start.

World Parrot Trust - This one is for Bruno. 

Greenpeace - If you are an animal lover, then this is a natural.

The Sea Shepherd Society  - As is this, as gamblers you have to love the BALLS these guys have.

Rammstein – Uhhm? Well… just because Sonny loves this band!







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