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Our Cast of Characters

Sonny is a nickname for Daryl, who has been called Sonny since the 80s. Born in Connecticut, he spent time in Puerto Rico where he learned Spanish as a child, before moving to Tampa, Florida. Sonny has traveled consistently since the 80s and has been abroad a dozen times. At one point in his life he worked for GTE at the same period as the merger with Bell Atlantic that formed Verizon. Upon moving to Seattle, he worked a year at Real Networks and then a short stint at Microsoft on the Redmond Campus. The dog in Sonny’s arms is named Quillo, who Sonny found in Spain and brought home to America. He can be reached at info@sonnyseattle.com.


Bruno Bets is Keith from Toronto, Canada, and he gives our show its international flavor. Our good friend north of the border is a bird enthusiast (as is Sonny) who runs a bird shelter and rescue program in Canada. One of the most trusted and respected members of the Pregame forums, he has become a master handicapper who enjoys much success with his picks. Bruno’s Bird’s Eye View sometimes co-hosted by DJ -a Derbyan Parakeet- (but not often for he is vocal) and Marty -a black-headed Caique- (she is quieter and a barrel of laughs) is one of the high points of the show.

KWC is Kevin from Syracuse, New York. He has owned a business his whole life in Syracuse and is also a life long sports-bettor. He enjoyed a 17-0 run on his picks last year, which is documented at Pregame.com. Around 10 years ago he began handicapping his own games and has become one of the most admired handicappers on the Pregame.com forums. He has been with Sonny and the show the longest and his segment, KWC’s Best Bet is one of the most respected on the show. 


MartinP is Martin from Pahrump, Nevada. He is one of the youngest members of our team and right now he is also the hottest, currently boasting a 34-10 record on the Sonny Seattle Show. He is a store manager but gambling has been in his blood since he was a teen. Like Sonny and Bruno, Martin is also a bird owner. His picks have been absolutely on fire and Martin’s Weigh-in is wildly popular.


DubV is DubV, the mysterious one. His picks and write ups at Pregame have become absolutely legendary! He has a nose for numbers and is quietly developing a reputation as a go to guy. You need something done, put DubV on the job. He also has a recurring episode on the show, the DubV Report, which has become a viewer favorite. He can be reached at DubV@sonnyseattle.com.

SleepyJ is Jaime from Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is a glass blower by trade. A viewer who has become a participant, SleepyJ has made many valuable contributions to the Sonny Seattle Show. He handles the  Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Sonny Seattle Show and is an important part of the team.

Dennis Tyler is one of the newest members of our team. He hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and is our resident soccer expert. We look forward to his Barclays English Premier Soccer League picks and analysis which will be featured on his segment titled Dennis Tyler’s Premier Play. He can be reached at DennisTyler@sonnyseattle.com.

So there you have it, our cast of characters and handicappers here on the Sonny Seattle Show. We want to wish them all good luck and we look forward to all their picks and contributions.


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