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Best of the Sonny Seattle Show

The Best of the Sonny Seattle Show
This is a collection of some of our better episodes that I am putting together in order to showcase them to potential sponsors.

The March Madness Show

Seattle Seahawks Playoff Episode

The Toofdoc Nightmare Episode

Episode 53 with a Toofdoc skit and Dub V Report

Episode 48 with me wearing a suit

Episode 45 funning with Bryan Leonard

Episode 45 Home From Vegas

Episode 43 our College Football Kick Off Extravaganza Show
(This may well be our best episode)

Episode 41 just a technically good show

Episode 32 were I get on Aaron Hernandez and footage from Orcas Islands

Episode 31 in which Toofdoc get's offed by Little Buddy

Episode 28 features a DUB V Report

Episode 24 in which I make my first music video.

Episode 20 is when we started breaking through technically.

Episode 8 got a lot of hits, the who is Sonny Seattle episode.

Episode 1 the very first episode of the Sonny Seattle Show. We sure have come a long way since then.

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